Base cost (150 words is approximately one minute)

Up to 1 minute $ 75.00, Up to 3 minutes $ 125.00 ,Up to 7 minutes $ 185.00

Up to 10 minutes $ 255.00   Other …………… minutes 

Add-Ons : Two readings + 20% ,Three readings + 30% , Background music $ 50.00 + $7.00 per minute

DELIVERY STYLE-Describe tone : Describe how your recording should sound. Use words like “bold, friendly, sexy, excited, serious, cheerful, concerned”.

Describe role :If applicable, name a role that typifies the sound you are looking for. For example, “mom, doctor, drill instructor, monster truck rally announcer”

TIPS for SCRIP: – If possible, provide an audio sample or link to online content that demonstrates the style you want for your recording. – PROOFREAD your script before submitting it.

– Seriously consider additional readings of your script. Interpretations of the script and the resulting performance can be very subjective. Having more than one version increases the chances of getting something that matches your idea of perfection.

– Spell phonetically all unusual words and names. Spell out how a number is to be read. For example, 1175 could be eleven seventy-five, eleven hundred and seventy-five, one thousand one hundred and seventy-five or one seven five. (for example you can listen of call 800 809 2761)