(OPI) Over the Phone-Zoom Interpreting Audio Tele- Conference Services; it is a tele-conference application with three or four people in different places with support of interpreter.

The remotely connected interpreter converts the spoken
language from one language to another, enabling listeners

and speakers to understand each other.


Use OPI for instant communication in any language at any time. This
means that there is no need to schedule an interpreter in advance

because there will always be one available.

Investors, traders and everyone can call anywhere in the
world to “MY INVEST SUPPORT “ LINE SERVICES beneficiary

financial companies or all institutes

If a translation service is needed will be able to call a toll-free
number and invite a translator into the conversation.
Our “MY INVEST SUPPORT “LINE Services System will provide
translation services for many of the world’s spoken languages.


  1. From a computer or laptop through the web
  2. From a smart phone or tablet via the app
  3. From a landline or cell by dialing in

It saves you a lot in terms of space and time. With our triple teleconference system, you can instantly solve your need for interpreters from different languages and in different places you cannot go to.

This system is prepared with special software and applications. Our over-the-phone services are available 24/7. Our interpreters always remain professional, courteous, and complete each assignment with accuracy and efficiency.

They are well versed with interpreting under a variety of circumstances for many industries including government, insurance, banks, education, legal and corporate.

Over the Phone Interpreting & Audio (Triple) Conference Services Features Available in over 300 languages 24/7, 365 days a year. No pre-scheduling of calls necessary.

Ease of Use: Simply you fill out this form for the application after telling us language pair and access our expertly trained interpreters within seconds. No special equipment is needed.
Complete Confidentiality: All our interpreters sign a strict code of conduct and confidentiality agreement to safeguard your privacy. Pay Only your quota use. You do not pay for wait time. Pay only for actual interpreting time once connected. No charge to your phone.
Competitively Priced Phone Interpreting with No Hidden Costs Sign up for our service in minutes; connect with an interpreter within seconds.

If you are going to use our Interpreter Service for the first time, you will be connected to the interpreters you want as soon as possible after completing the First APPLICATION FORM and paying the service fee.

● If you have registered with our Interpreter service before, you can +1 844-723-6288 and entering your PIN, directly to contact the interpreter from your remaining quotas.

● Or you can log in to our ONLINE SYSTEM from ENTER INTERPRETER SYSTEM here!

●  If you want to research the investment companies in the GLOBAL INVESTMENT PLATFORM and connect to the companies you are interested in (Interpreter Supported), you can log in to the platform.


Since 1936, Partner Translations has been focusing on delivering quality communication solutions that pragmatically solve language problems.  We specialize in meeting both interpreting and translation needs

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