Our Translation Group is one of the oldest translation companies in the USA since 1936 and has been providing high-quality translations to life sciences, medicine, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, law firms, financial institutions, and other industries ever since. From translating and formatting important documents to helping reach new international clients, we can help with the challenges of working in global marketplaces.
We also have audio-live translation services via teleconference and zoom.The remotely connected interpreters convert the spoken language from a language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other with Zoom Interpreter over the Phone and Voice Tele-Conference Services.
With this system: We set up an ‘Interpreter Line’ on companies’ websites. This link on the company’s website will open them to the world. All foreign customers and company teams visiting the website of the beneficiary companies will be able to speak any language they need with the help of interpreters.
Those who want to make a profit by contributing to the promotion of our global translation services can apply for an AFFILIATE MARKETING partner. We also provide job opportunities to those who want to provide interpreter service.

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Interpreter Job Application

We are looking for freelance interpreters or translators who can be flexible working with a global interpreter platform This position requires a combination of language skills (speak, read, write and understand native language). The best candidates have a strong understanding of the translation industry trends and system of knowledge required for communication. An understanding of the entire process of translation business helps do the job proficiently.
– Experience with responsive and adaptation to each type of interpretation needs is strongly preferred.
– Ability to understand that translation words from speaker needs to be done without changes made
– Any prior experience in some form of phone or video interpretation is a plus
– Ability to work in interpretation assignment as group or one of one situation

Personal Information

Let us find out more about you! The information you provide here will also help us get in touch with you with any updates, follow up questions, and if selected, set up an interview.

Where do you live?

Required Technology

To better serve customers and have ongoing communication with our interpreters, there are some requirements that should be met in order to provide the best service to our clients and interpreters.

Interpretation Experience

In this section, we'll be asking what experience and or certifications you currently have as an interpreter.

Example: Court Interpreters Program (CIP)

My Example

Privacy Statement

You are about to provide personal data about yourself and your interpreter experience to WorldWide Interpreters (hereafter "the Company"). The company has taken steps to meet world wide data privacy requirements in order to take precautions to keep applicant data safe. By completing this online form you are authorizing the WorldWide Interpreters to transfer your data to a central database where it will be kept in confidence unless you request that it be deleted from our recruitment system. Your data will only be accessible to the Company employees and agents responsible for recruitment specific information. These employees and agents may be based in countries other than your own country of residence or the country where the job applied for is based. Your application data will be used to assess qualifications and personal experience to determine if they meet certain job requirements. In the event you are hired, your personal data may become part of your personnel file. If you decide not to apply at this time, click on the button "I Decline". If you click on "I Agree" you can then click on "Submit" to complete your application.