TRUST SERVICES; We have partners, lawyers, knowledge, experience and resources to handle trusts and estates with the highest level of professionalism. You can safely protect your assets and capitals in the USA. Trust is a powerful legal tool that establishes rights and obligations between the parties involved.

According to Investopedia, a trust creates a legal relationship among three parties: Trustee, Grantor and Beneficiaries. A three-party relationship where a “settlor,” or “grantor” or “trustor,” transfers (Real estate, commercial…) assets to a “trustee,” who hold assets for the “beneficiaries.” The trustee does this for the benefit of the third party, the beneficiary. People often use trusts to add legal protection the trustor’s assets. Another common use is for estate planning, tax planning, and privacy. Trusts can either be revocable, and thus changed or terminated by the trustor during his or her lifetime. The trustee must follow the terms of the trust and act in the best interest of the other parties. Depending on the trust purpose, one party can hold one or more of the three roles. Examples;

Parents who build a trust so that their children and grandchildren receive their assets after they die.

-People who have concerns about lawsuits, setup an asset protection trusts to keep assets away from creditors.

-Those who want to own real estate privately transfer property into a land trust.

-An elderly person sets up a Medicaid trust and transfer all assets into the trust so that (after a 5-year holding period) personal assets do not exceed amount that qualifies for Medicaid support.