What are the Ethic and Beneficial guidelines in the Investing’s?

Non-compliant income sources include the following:

Alcohol, Gambling, Weapons, Tobacco, Adult Entertainment, Pork Products, Highly-leveraged Businesses…

Companies are only to be considered compliant from a business perspective if the cumulative revenue from non-compliant activities and non-operating interest income does not exceed 5% of their total income. 

We practice CONFIGURING studies in order to produce alternative-ethic-beneficial solutions for all investors

Our CONFIGURING consultancy practices with ethic criterias are made through Trust, SPV, Agent Special Vehicles and Leaseback-Buy/Sell/Lease and Tawarruq (monetization) financing methods.

Our main vision; You can invest in all investment products in the world. With our Trust services, your investments are securely recorded. Trust makes the safest investments on behalf of investors with professional consultants. On behalf of the Trust, the investment institutions instantly transfer their beneficial income to the Investors


There is a program of change in all investing, financial planning and wealth management transactions that we take advantage of, as long as we do not change the economics of the transaction we can change the nature of how income and profit is earned.

Configuring’s are changes of from interested–money transactions to buy-sell or rent (murabaha, mudaraba or Ijara-leaseback) transaction.

The capital or assets can be transferred to your name, or you could also opt to keep it in the trust. But even if the property, capital and all assets are still in the trust, you still have the same rights as a regular investor since you are the grantor and beneficiary of the trust. So you can buy and sell, save etc., as you please.

The investment and stock exchange companies/ banks/funds will remain the investor, but you will no longer be paying interest. After the configuring, your transaction will be restructured into an investment and buy-sale between you and the trust.

The banks-funds and stock-investment companies will be the investor in the transaction and trader. Those investment companies will invest in your assets or to your capital and earn their profits through rent-income-share payment; investors will earn their profits not by interest, but by halal way.

*Your investments are securely recorded with our Trust and legal professional Clearing Services.

*Our Trust and partner Asset Management and Investment companies, makes the safest investments on behalf of investors with the professional financial advisers.