Video Remote Interpretation Services

Do business in any language with professional interpreting services

On-demand video remote interpreting (VRI) for live communication.

VRI is an extension of our Over-the-Phone Interpreting or Telephonic Interpreting service. This service is advised for the hard of hearing or to better illustrate your message.

There are special cases when audio alone is not enough.  Deliver the best service you can by ensuring you truly understand all the non-verbal communication. For patients that communicate using American Sign Language (ASL), VRI may be the only feasible solution.

VRI makes communication possible and frees the patient to communicate in a way the patient may be used to.  Otherwise, deterioration in communication can cause countless issues in the experience they have at your office as well as their review of the service – all of which can be avoided with VRI.

For more detailed information about our VRI services, feel free to read what we have to share about our Over-the-Phone Interpreting or Telephonic Interpreting service.



Please upload the documents you need to our form to get a price. After completing this pre-application form, you will receive information about the service fee and delivery date for the service you have requested. Once you confirm, pay online via the link below, your request will be fulfilled