Escrow Process

Over $4.5 billion of transactions protected with Escrow System

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. Using a licensed escrow service to buy and sell merchandise, services and more is the most convenient way to complete transactions online. Facilitated by a trusted third-party, the escrow process acts as your personal tool to ensure a safe, secure and intuitive sale for both buyers and sellers.

Escrow is the world’s most secure payment method from a counterparty risk perspective - safeguarding both buyer and seller, all funds transacted using escrow are kept in trust.

1. Buyer and Seller agree to terms
2. Buyer submits payment to Escrow
3. Seller delivers goods or service to the buyer
4. Buyer approves goods or services
5. Escrow releases payment to the seller

Knowing at every step

Every time you log into the Escrow system, our status updates will let you know exactly where you are in the transaction process and if there is action required by you.
Having access to this step-by-step timeline means, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll never get stuck wondering what to do next or where you are in the transaction.
How long does the escrow process take?

It depends upon :

1. The inspection period agreed upon by both parties.
2. The Buyer’s payment method.
3. Delivery time from Seller to Buyer.
4. Seller’s selected disbursement option. Generally, most escrow purchases can take from five to 20 days.

Escrow Accounts

When you make a transaction using Escrow system, your funds are held in secured, non-interest bearing trust Escrow Accounts until the transaction is completed. This ensures that your transaction is protected against chargebacks, fraud, or wrongly described goods.

How Does An Escrow Account Work?

Escrow system is the only fully licensed, bonded, and audited secure online escrow company. When you perform a transaction on the Escrow System, all payment is held in the most secure trust Escrow Account. This protects against all fraud, chargebacks, and wrongly described goods. As a seller, your funds are held in the Escrow Account until either the buyer has received and approved the merchandise or the buyer rejects the merchandise and the return process is completed.

As a buyer, your funds will be held in the Escrow Account until you have received and approved the merchandise. If you do not receive the merchandise or it is not as described, you will be able to reject and return the merchandise and have your funds returned to your account.

Government agencies perform regular audits of independently licensed escrow
companies including Escrow System. The audit examinations serve to protect public funds, determine the ty and soundness of operations, and determine compliance with escrow statutes and regulations. The full list and information on our licenses throughout the United States and other countries can be found here...

Using your bank account with our secure Escrow Accounts

Once you have created an account with Escrow System making a transaction with your bank account through Escrow System is quick and efficient. Escrow System accepts wire transfer from your bank as the primary method to deposit into Escrow System .

Are you looking to make an online payment with utmost security?
Do you want verification that your money will reach the right hands?
Escrow System has a step-by-step process that will ensure protection for both the Buyer and Seller when using a bank account for online transactions. Escrow System ensures that all their customers are protected equally and any
disputes dealt with appropriately and fairly. There is no scope for uncertainty or worry as the entire transaction is conducted under the supervision of the Escrow System’s honest and diligent professionals. Every step is tracked and verified and you can have complete confidence that your money will reach the right destination.

Why Should We Pay Online?

With dozens of other payment options available such as checks, drafts, money orders, and electronic bank transfers, one may wonder why so many people use this new method of payment. Indeed, the older payment methods are tried, tested, and a lot more comfortable for some people.

However, online payment offers exclusive advantages that other payment options don’t. When paying online, you can easily use your credit card to process a transaction much faster than the check-and-stamp method. Automated payments also mean that there are no delays or late penalties. Contrary to popular belief, it is much safer to conduct your transaction online as everything is documented, and there are no sensitive details on paper.

Online payment eliminates clutter by, in some cases, eliminating the need for paper bills that require filing. It makes organizing and keeping track of payments easier and more convenient. Finally, if using online payments, many banks will provide graphs and information that help you track your spending and keep your budget on task. There are many types of transactions that can be made online, everything from paying your phone bill to purchasing small gifts for family members. For larger transactions, though, you may want to seek the services of an escrow company.

By putting your money into an escrow account, you can protect yourself from fraud.

Payment Options

The escrow system offers many types of payment options including wire transfers, checks and money orders, credit cards, and PayPal.

Payment types may have certain limitations, however. For example, credit cards and PayPal are subject to additional fees and have a maximum of $5,000 while checks and money orders have a $2,000 maximum and are subject to a ten business day hold.

Calculate your escrow fee

Fees for transactions in US Dollars
Transaction Amount
(Merchandise +
Standard Concierge Payment
$0-$5,000 3.25% ($10.00
6.5% ($100.00
fee +
$5,000.01-$25,000 $162.50 +
0.26% of
amount over
$325 + 0.52%
of amount
over $5000
$25,000.01 + 0.89% 1.78% Not

USD Payment options for buyers

Transactions with a Buyer outside the United States will be charged an additional $25.00 to cover any intermediary bank fees. This will be added to the escrow fee, regardless of who is paying the fee, when the Buyer selects to pay by international wire transfer.

Disbursement Options for Sellers and Brokers

If you’ve agreed to pay all or some of the fee, it’s automatically added to the purchase
price of the merchandise, vehicle, or domain name.

Buyer guidelines

After the transaction is created, the seller and broker can specify their preferred disbursement method for that transaction. Once all terms of the transaction have been completed and verified, will pay the seller the same or next business day using their preferred disbursement method. If the seller or broker agreed to pay all or some of the escrow fees, is automatically deducted from the purchase price or broker commission.

Please note, some disbursement methods incur additional fees

Disbursements Method Time & Fee
Wire Transfer (U.S.)1 Business day$10.00
 Wire/Bank Transfer (Outside U.S.) 3-5 Business days $20.00
 Electronic Check (ACH), U.S. only 3 Business days No charge

Start your Escrow

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Price and Motor Vehicle details

Global demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is at an all-time high. Here at, we have seen a surge in the use of our online escrow services to help organizations securely order, pay for, and receive vital PPE.

In order to fill the gap, new suppliers are emerging across all corners of the globe. While many of these suppliers are authentic and have the facilities and production capacity to fulfill the orders they take; unfortunately, scammers continue to leverage COVID-19 for their own personal gain. In a press release issued on March 27th, the FBI asked the medical community to exercise due diligence and appropriate caution when dealing with any vendors with whom they have never worked and/or of which they’ve never heard, and when relying on unidentified third-party brokers in the supply chain. Escrow system is the industry leader when it comes to third-party financial payment transactions. We can help you secure your transaction and confirm the quality of the product exchanged prior to releasing your funds to the Seller.

The procedure is straightforward and easy for both Buyers and Sellers. You can complete the formalities within a few minutes, whether your order is for a single facility or into the millions of
dollars. As a licensed and regulated online escrow service, you get peace of mind, along with a tailored service that can be adapted to the needs of your specific transaction.

If you need an SGS inspection to be carried out before the funds are dispersed, the systems and processes at are already in place to make this happen. By calling directly for a quote, we can better understand the countries involved, the parties, and discuss a custom pricing agreement.

Every Buyer gets a smooth, easy online transaction with a fully licensed escrow service. We ensure that the Buyer will receive their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as described. The funds are securely held in trust until the transfer is complete, which minimizes the risk and protects the Buyer from fraudulent users. allows the Buyer the opportunity to inspect the merchandise purchased before we release the funds to the Seller.

Escrow verifies the Buyer’s payment, which protects the Seller from fraudulent users. We ensure Sellers receive their funds if they deliver the PPE purchased to the Buyer. All shipments are tracked to ensure the Seller shipped and the Buyer received the merchandise. The Seller is also protected from unexpected chargebacks.

How Transactions Work on Escrow

The Buyer and Seller agree to terms.
♦The Buyer and Seller first agree on a price, and to the terms and conditions of the transaction.
♦The Buyer pays Escrow.
♦The Buyer then transfers the agreed-upon amount into their Escrow account.
♦As soon as the transfer is complete, Escrow notifies the Seller, who then commences the formalities of packing,  shipping, and insuring the PPE.
♦The Seller ships merchandise to Buyer. The Buyer can then track their purchases from the moment they leave the Seller’s shipping facility, to when they reach the Buyer’s door.
♦The Buyer accepts the merchandise. On receipt, the Buyer will inspect the PPE, making sure they are exactly what they ordered and in good condition.
♦They then confirm to Escrow that they are satisfied with their purchase. pays the Seller. Once this information has been verified, Escrow will immediately release the money to the Seller.
♦Whether you are dealing with new suppliers, or you want to secure transactions with existing suppliers, Escrow has predefined processes in place to help you every step of the way.
When you use our highly secure platform, you can rest assured that your funds are being kept safe and the details of your transactions are being kept completely confidential.

How Escrow System Works for Brokers

Escrow offers Brokers the ability to begin, manage and close every sale simply and privately. First, the Broker begins a three-party transaction on Escrow, and all parties must agree to the terms of the transaction.

After the transaction is created, the Buyer will submit their payment to We will verify the payment and let the Broker and Seller know that the funds have been secured. Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to send the PPE and any tracking information. After, Escrow will verify that the Buyer has received their merchandise and notify the Broker.

Finally, the Buyer has a set number of days to inspect the merchandise purchased and has the option to accept or reject it. When the Buyer accepts the merchandise, will proceed to pay the Broker and Seller.

To Get Started

For Brokers selling or buying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), offers individual Escrow fee quotes. We can also handle transactions with multiple brokers and buyers.

The fees for PPE transactions will be lower than our standard rates. For any PPE medical equipment such as n95 masks, respirator masks, paper masks, gloves, and other medical supplies; we are providing custom pricing with lower fees during these challenging times.

To get started, email “[email protected]”, so we can provide you the best and most accurate fee during these difficult and trying times. All prices are worked out on an individual basis, so it’s important to contact support to obtain this specialist pricing.

Do you have any additional questions or concerns regarding PPE? Feel free to contact our experienced customer support department through phone support, email at [email protected], or chat support when they are online.