ELITE Multilingual Global Customer Services

'Connects You to the World'

We Offer Excellent Multilingual ELITE Multilingual Global Customer Services Opportunities for becoming a Global and International Company to the Financial Companies, Investment Funds, Travel Agents, Hotels, Real Estate, Rent a Car Agents, Hospitals, Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Lawyers, Event planners, Foreign Trade Companies and Other Sectors.

  • Toll-Free Multilingual 800 Call Center Numbers
  • Voicemail Setup with musical background from different languages
  • Interpreter Services from Phone-Audible or Zoom-Webinars-Visual-Live
  • GLOBAL INTERPRETER LINE connections to Websites – Mobile Phones – Social Media Instruments – Promotional Documents
  • Multilingual Virtual Offices and Receptionist Services
  • Promotion and Affiliate Marketing Services from all languages
  • Connecting to Interpreter Supported Global Investment Platform
  • Translation Services for all Documents from all languages

Do you want to gain new customers from different countries, different languages or all over the world?

Can you hire at least 20 customer service representatives, each speaking a different language?

ELITE Multilingual Global Customer Service; With its Professional Interpreter network, it provides access to thousands of professional certified translators from all different languages

What we Offer

We offer Platinum-Gold-Silver or Short-Term ‘Elite Global Translator Line’ Quota plans to organizations that want to take advantage of these services. With these Interpreter Quota Plans, we offer four-stage alternative services to beneficiaries.

  1. We provide Told-Free 800 Call Center telephone(s) to companies (via reference voicemail). (for example you can listen of call 800 809 2761)
  2. We connect the ‘Elite Global Translator Line’ to the mobile phones of company officials. Mobile Phone / WhatsApp / SMS  

When foreign customers in different languages ​​call from these phone lines, professional interpreters translate the parties’ conversations (via the OPI teleconferencing system or Zoom from their mobile phones).

  1. We link the ‘Elite Global Translator Line’ web links to companies’ websites, social media tools, and promotional presentations.

When customers who need interpreter support click on these web links, they connect to professional Translators on the web from their tablet or mobile phones. The translator translates the conversations of the parties (without video or with Zoom).

In these connections, Company personnel are required to meet, answer and direct the callers by phone and connect them to the ‘Elite Global Interpreter Line.

4- We provide Multilingual Virtual Office and Assistant Services to institutions/persons who want to receive customer service support.

 Our ELITE Multilingual Assistant “welcomes” foreign customers who call or connect from these lines.

It brings together company officials, Professional Interpreters and Customers (with their own language they want to speak).

If the caller chooses to direct contact your customer services, the call is forwarded to the agent’s cell phone.

If the agent does not answer, the caller is instructed to leave a message with their name, phone and email.

Notes all messages. He sends it to company or team e-mails.

ELITE Multilingual Customer Services help you grab growth opportunities in diverse international markets by improving your relationship with globally located consumers with our excellent call center experts and Interpreters.


By clicking the INTERPRETER CONNECTING link to get information about financial companies in different regions-countries on the Global Investing Platform, translators from all languages will be able to speak with their support.

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ELITE Multilingual Customer Services


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